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3 things to expect working with an ASL interpreter in Miami
June 21, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A man with a mustache and white shirt on a stage with a red backdrop using sign language. An ASL interpreter in Miami is indispensable when dealing with people who are hearing impaired.

When working with someone who’s deaf, it’s imperative to be understanding and accommodating. In these situations, an ASL interpreter in Miami is the perfect solution. When handling contracts, the margin for error is slim. Lapses in communication can have dire results. Luckily, at The Cakov Group, we have over 15 years of experience supplying corporations and government institutions in South Florida with premier language solutions. No matter the scope or magnitude of the project, we’re the one-stop-shop for all language service needs.

Here’s what to expect with an ASL interpreter:

What they interpret

It’s difficult to translate English to sign language, particularly in a fast-paced business or government setting.

In these situations, you need an ASL interpreter in Miami who can understand and relay information rapidly. This requires ample experience. During these conversations, details matter. Without a supremely competent interpreter, you risk having critical details omitted.

However, while it’s important to interpret everything that’s said, expect them to neglect some ‘small talk.’ This is common practice, particularly when it’s impertinent. Logistically, it doesn’t make sense to translate everything.

The amount of time, energy, and concentration it takes to translate information is sizable and best spent on the most important talking points. Interpreters are likely to drop all small talk once the essential parts of communication commence.

With The Cakov Group, our premier interpretation services ensure nothing will get lost in translation. Even better, they’re tailored to include everything you want.

Your relationship with them

When working with an ASL interpreter in Miami, there are vital aspects of your relationship to understand. Firstly, the information you divulge to them is protected by the business associate clause under HIPAA and the Interpreter Code of Personal Conduct.

It’s critical to choose a reputable firm. With a reliable firm, you have nothing to worry about and they’ll manage everything with the utmost care and honesty. Still, anticipate taking time to acquaint yourself with interpreters.

Affording time to get to know clients and discuss precisely what they need and what they should expect is a crucial foundation for this relationship. Just know the industry standard is typically for interpreters to wait outside the room until their services are needed.

They're there to perform a job. They’re not there to socialize or help with any tasks aside from interpretation. Luckily, with The Cakov Group, we’re the most trusted language solution and pride ourselves on getting to know each client to accommodate their precise, individuated needs.

During the interpretation

One of the biggest problems during these dialogues is there’s sometimes a disconnect. When working with an ASL interpreter in Miami, it’s crucial to prevent this from happening.

This often stems from having a conversational middle man. However, failing to comport yourself appropriately can be offensive and obstruct communication. Talk directly to the person you’re communicating with. Make eye contact, look directly at them, and speak normally.

If there’s an issue, the interpreter will notify you. Otherwise, make the conversation feel organic. Expect to give some thought to the environment. Pick a space with good lighting. If the environment isn’t conducive to interpretation, it will make it harder for everyone.

Also, let the interpreter pick where they want to sit. They know what the ideal position is to listen, understand, and communicate information quickly.

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If you’re a corporation or government entity and need an ASL interpreter in Miami, The Cakov Group is an unmatched solution. Unlike competitors, we can translate any language and scale our services to the scope of any project. With over 15 years of experience, we guarantee to operate with precision and efficiency. We’re your single source for all language solutions. Schedule a call now! We’re the only universal language you need to succeed.