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Our international translation services deliver your message accurately

About our international translation services
We offer an extensive network of accredited professional and certified translators.

Each translator is carefully paired with a client based on their language skills and areas of expertise. Our certified translators are familiar with local sensitivities and recognize the necessity to maintain local awareness during the translation process.

The Cakov Group is committed to providing our clients precise, dependable, timely, and professional international translation services. Attention to detail, speed, and accuracy are essential. Our specialized translation services ensure that all documents are expertly translated, edited, and proofed prior to delivery. We provide only the highest quality translations in 78 languages.

Our standard translation service includes a thorough editing and proofing process. We emphasize the importance of maintaining localization throughout the document -- our all-inclusive (TEP) approach ensures that documents are consistent, accurate and reliable.

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How we help
What you can expect:
  • Native Speakers / Culturally Sensitive
  • Competitive pricing
  • On-time delivery
  • Reliable and professional language support
  • Court Certified Interpreters
  • Certified Translations (when requested)
  • Integrity and confidentiality