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Language Interpretation

The Cakov Group offers both consecutive and simultaneous language interpretation services.

About our language interpretation services
Simultaneous interpretation is ideal for larger settings such as conferences, business meetings, workshops, seminars and more.

Our on-site UN-style simultaneous language interpretation service consists of using state-of-the-art equipment, including fully enclosed booths, wireless headsets, hand-held microphones, push to talk microphones, and required equipment to make your event a success.

During meetings, our technicians remain on-site to monitor and ensure all equipment is functioning properly throughout the duration of your event.

Consecutive interpretation services are ideal for depositions, hearings, trials, arbitrations, examinations under oath (EUO’s), independent medical examinations (IME’s), doctor/patient appointments, one on one meetings, and more.

Our teams of language interpreters are carefully selected based on their expertise of subject matter in order to provide reliable, flawless and consistent quality. Most of our interpreters are certified by various organizations such as ATA and/or AIIC, state or federal certification.

language interpretation services
How we help
What you can expect:
  • Native Speakers / Culturally Sensitive
  • Competitive pricing
  • On-time delivery
  • Reliable and professional language support
  • Court Certified Interpreters
  • Certified Translations (when requested)
  • Integrity and confidentiality

The Cakov Group
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