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How Virtual Translation Services Can Prevent Miscommunication
March 9, 2021 at 10:30 PM
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When you take your business global, you’re expanding into new markets and working with new partners and team members. Often, there’s a language barrier. Virtual meeting software can save your company the time and expense of travel for face-to-face meetings. It can also increase the risk of miscommunication and cause frustration from lost nuance and non-verbal communication. Virtual translation services help you get the most from every meeting by ensuring people understand the speaker’s meaning–not just their words.

Misunderstandings are common in virtual meetings.

Sending emails, text messages, or logging on to Google Meet or Zoom can often expedite a quick meeting and streamline your workflow. But the convenience comes at the price of critical non-verbal aspects of communication that we rely on to make sure we’re understood.

If you’re communicating with another culture, you’re also missing out on colloquialisms and local sensitivities. While everyone acts in good faith during international virtual meetings, it can still be a struggle to make sure all parties leave with the same understanding.

Even simple miscommunication comes with substantial costs.

Whatever your industry or field, when you’re not understood during your meetings or can’t understand others, it compromises the speed you do business. When miscommunication goes further–into the execution of strategy, it can cost your entire organization valuable time.

Intention can be lost, and focus can wander even when your team operates in the same language on the same continent. Sometimes it will take days or weeks to trace the miscommunication’s source and rectify the error.

Accurate, clear communication with your team, partners, and suppliers is essential whether you’re working with international e-commerce or handling global supply chains.

Virtual translation services streamline meetings and prevent errors.

When you employ a virtual translation service, all parties can communicate effectively in their native language. A virtual translator unites your meeting by making sure everyone accurately interprets each other’s meaning. They’ll help to eliminate miscommunication either through simultaneous or consecutive translation services.

After critical meetings, virtual translation services can follow-up with document translation services, adding another failsafe against costly errors. Maybe you’ve relied on AI translators or conversational language skills in the past. Now, you can reduce time spent in meetings and the incidence of errors by switching to virtual translation services.

Add language skills and industry knowledge to your next meeting.

Virtual translators aren’t just fluent in the languages you need them to be; they also have experience in your field or industry. You’re able to execute your meeting as you usually would and have your meaning and intent translated across language barriers.

Part of working globally is the unique insight gained from international partners–virtual translation services ensure you’re experiencing the full benefit of an international team.

While AI technology advances every year and can save you in a pinch, it’s no comparison to virtual translation services. Get your meaning across clearly, concisely, and enjoy confidence and peace of mind knowing your team understood. They’ll be able to ask questions, clarify key points, and contribute their expertise, uninhibited by language barriers.

Work with The Cakov Group for virtual translation services to empower your global business.

When you team with The Cakov Group for your virtual translation needs, we take time to find a translator on our team with expertise in the subject matter. You can trust your translator is knowledgeable about your field and will provide reliable, flawless translations for your virtual meeting.

Our team members are ATA, AIIC, and state or federally certified. We work with the best, so you get the best service possible. Schedule a call to learn more about what our translation services can do for you.