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An Overview of The Cakov Group Language Solutions Services
January 25, 2021 at 10:30 PM
the cakov group language solutions, inc. provides a range of translation services for South Florida businesses.

If you’re a South Florida business working globally, language barriers can’t slow you down. The Cakov Group Language Solutions, Inc. provides professional translation and interpretation services for corporate applications. Our history of skilled, accurate, reliable interpretation often earns us recognition among the businesses and corporations of Miami and Naples.

We have services to match your needs for streamlined interpretation or translation to keep your business running efficiently in many languages.

Language Interpretation

Simultaneous language interpretation allows you to communicate in real-time with partners and clients from around the world. Our skilled linguists work in almost 80 languages, serving clients from every continent. We pair the expertise of our team with the industry’s latest technology to provide consecutive interpretation. Our available equipment includes:

  • Fully enclosed booths
  • Wireless headsets
  • Hand-held microphones
  • Push-to-talk microphones

Technicians stay on hand throughout your meeting or event to ensure everything operates as expected. This service is ideal for:

  • One-on-one meetings
  • Doctor/patient meetings
  • Legal proceedings

We select our interpreters from various backgrounds and assign them to individual jobs based on their expertise.


The Cavok Group Language Solutions, Inc. pairs translators with clients based not only on their skills but their background and experience. Many of our linguists are native speakers and adept at respecting local customs. Throughout the translation process, they always remain aware and sensitive.

We also offer skilled, timely translation of documents. Our clients depend on us for attention to detail and speed in delivering edited and proofed documents.

The accredited translators in our network are proficient in corporate communication. They bring a commitment to accuracy to every client, so language barriers never slow down your business.

American Sign Language Interpretation

Access over two decades of experience providing accessibility for the hearing impaired at your next meeting or event. We allow the deaf and hard of hearing effortless engagement in a wide range of corporate communications, including conversations, conferences, live concerts and events, and seminars.

The certificates of our dedicated ASL interpreters include:

  • NIC Master
  • NIC Advanced and other levels
  • RID certificates
  • NAD certificates

Whether you’re putting on an event or need an ASL interpreter for a deposition or legal proceeding, we’ll pair you with a skilled interpreter with expertise in your area.

Remote Interpretation

Working remotely has transformed the way many companies do business. Just because you aren’t meeting in person, it doesn’t mean you don’t need an interpreter’s skilled services. For virtual meetings, The Cavok Group Language Solutions, Inc. provides simultaneous or consecutive interpretation.

Our linguists will log onto your meeting and ensure everyone is communicating effectively. With backgrounds in corporate communication and expertise in a diverse range of industries, we’re able to pair you with an interpreter with a confident grasp of the vernacular of your field.

Expanding into global operations is an exciting time for any business. Don’t let apprehension about language barriers or unskilled translators hold you back. The Cavok Group Language Solutions, Inc. is often recognized as a South Florida business leader for our work with major corporations and local Miami and Naples businesses alike.

Schedule a call to learn more about The Cavok Group Language Solutions, Inc.’s array of services in Miami and Naples, FL.

The Cavok Group Language Solutions, Inc helps South Florida businesses that work globally to streamline their communications. We pride ourselves on precision and efficiency, regardless of the project’s size.

No matter your industry, when you partner with our skilled translation services, you can trust our qualified linguists for accuracy and professionalism. To learn more about our services, including complete audiovisual services for events, schedule a call today.