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Crucial language solutions when expanding into global markets
June 14, 2022 at 7:00 AM
A translator working with a CEO.

Expanding into global markets is exciting and signals a watershed moment in your organization’s growth and maturation. However, with that growth comes more responsibilities. Effectively navigating foreign markets requires a considerable understanding of their culture. More importantly, being able to communicate is an entirely new challenge. Here are language solutions you need when expanding into global markets:

Translation services

When trying to make a good impression, remember that people prefer engaging with content in their language, and consumers are more likely to buy a product when companies present information in their native language.

Even when dealing with markets where English is a common second language, connecting with audiences and securing contracts requires translating content and documents to the markets’ respective languages.

Translation also ensures comprehension and guarantees accuracy. Especially in business, ambiguity can be costly. Particularly with business and legal documents, translation services ensure everyone is always on the same page.

Translation services guarantee your company is compliant with regulations. While English has been considered the international business language for years, recent precedents have made it clear basic translation services are insufficient to minimize liabilities.

You need people local to the foreign countries you are doing business in or people with extensive knowledge of local languages and cultures.

Localization services

Localization services are a hyper-specific type of translation that present a product or service that seems like it was designed for, or even created by, the target market.

Especially in advertising, this language solution is crucial to establishing a foothold in foreign markets. In sales, localization can be supremely effective for securing contracts and converting leads.

Localization entails tailoring content, business strategies, and communications to specific linguistic and cultural audiences. However, you must localize all communication services. There's no margin for error when making the first impression.

When conducting localization, ensure you apply it to all communication media, like websites, social media, apps, print materials, email marketing, call centers, and even how your team discusses and presents your service or product.

When considering in-person uses, companies can also develop printed materials, like brochures or pamphlets, that cater to a target audience’s taste and distinct cultural sensibilities. However, localization goes beyond language.

Localization includes formatting dates differently, converting to new currencies and measurement systems, and using new content platforms and technologies. Ultimately, localization is adapting to their cultural environment.

This adaptation is one of the best ways to optimize brand perception among global audiences, communicate more effectively, and earn the market's trust, which translates to gaining new customers.

Interpretation services

Interpretation is a critical language solution for businesses moving into foreign markets. Effective communication is critical to effective business. In negotiations, you need someone who can translate in real-time and effectively in person.

Without interpretation services, you cannot relay what value your brand truly adds. Much of your messaging in English is nuanced and steeped in cultural context. Without an interpreter, you limit what your audience understands. Limiting their comprehension of your messaging is negligent and, ultimately, detrimental.

High-skilled interpreters have extensive knowledge of cultural differences and can function as a crucial bridge between you and the other party, avoiding offense and establishing connections.

Another thing to consider is whether your industry jargon is considered niche. When negotiating, you may need specialized linguistic knowledge only certain premier interpreters possess.

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When moving into global markets, communication is daunting. Communication is nuanced and hinges on cultural context that can impede progress and success without an immersive knowledge of each market’s respective cultures. Fortunately, The Cakov Language Group is a full-service language company, providing professional translation and interpretation services in over 80 languages across several industries for over 21 years. With offices in Miami and Naples, we are South Florida’s premier language solutions provider and are here to help your business think globally, communicate locally, and succeed organizationally. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your global goals with an expert.