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How do Florida translation services improve workflow?
January 26, 2022 at 5:00 AM
An employee sending out a company-wide email.

Clear, effective communication is important in many areas of work and life. In a linguistically-diverse region like Florida, translation services may help you get the message across.

Translation can be a useful service between team members, divisions, and different organizations. Among all of these groups, diversity is an ever-increasing facet of work. As more voices join the workplace and shape markets, it’s of paramount importance to make sure those voices are heard. Translators can make it happen.

In this blog post, we’re going to detail what’s involved in the work of a translator, the opportunities and challenges introduced by an increasingly multilingual workplace, and how translators can help bridge gaps and build better business relationships.

What exactly does a translator do?

Working as a translator comes with a few different responsibilities. Generally, it involves communicating messages written in one language, into another language.

Translators work in a variety of different settings where these services are often critically needed. A medical patient, for example, may not speak the same language as any of their caregivers. A translator can help make sure any documents they receive or paperwork they’re signing are clearly understandable to them.

A legal setting offers a similar example. Someone arrested and charged with a crime may not share the same primary language as the police or even the lawyer representing them. Translators make sure this defendant fully comprehends the intended message of any forms or other written material they’re presented with which may affect their legal rights and freedom.

But how do these kinds of services help in a workplace setting? As the multilingual workplace continues to grow, so too does the need for skilled translators.

The multilingual workplace

Regions like Florida in the United States are culturally, ethnically, and (most importantly for this topic) linguistically diverse. Multilingualism is, in fact, increasingly recognized as a benefit to employees entering the workforce.

Where exactly is this benefit most clearly visible? Let’s take a look at a couple of examples.

Internal communications

In any workplace, understandable communication between employees is a must. When many employees do not speak the same language, an organization needs to find ways to get them all on the same page.

If an organization-wide initiative or update affecting all employees is communicated through email or another written format, for example, a translator can help make sure this release is clearly understandable to employees that speak another primary language.

Keeping everyone in the loop by making sure language isn’t a barrier helps achieve significant objectives. It can boost compliance with new programs and ensure that potentially disruptive miscommunications between teams or team members don’t grind important ongoing work to a halt.

Overall, making sure everyone at your workplace can communicate and understand one another allows for operations to run smoothly, for everyone to have equal access to the organization’s resources, and for all employees to feel recognized and heard.

Public relations

Translation also matters when your organization needs to communicate with the public.

Important updates of interest to external parties need to be understandable and clear. This might come in the form of a press release, for example.

For a publicly-traded company, this press release needs to clearly highlight what’s happening right now, what new initiatives are on the horizon, and where your company’s actual value comes from. For a government agency, updates on correct activities, programs, or regulations need to be fully understood to ensure equal access and compliance.

Improve your workflow with Florida translation services from the Cakov Group

Whether you’re translating for a workforce, a local population, or any other group of linguistically-diverse voices, you need translation services that cover potential workflow pitfalls, solve problems, and create opportunities for the people you’re talking to. You can do it best when you work with The Cakov Group. To learn more about our Florida translation services, schedule a call with us now.