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Why you need certified translation services in Florida
November 3, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Why you need certified translation services in Florida

Translating documents isn’t as easy as simply running the words on the page through translating software. Those who can and do translate understand that conveying ideas and concepts is far more important than the words themselves. With The Cakov Group, you can get certified translation services in Florida. If you’ve considered getting a certified translation but aren’t sure you need it, let us tell you why you do.

Google Translate isn’t reliable

Google Translate can be an incredible and simple tool when trying to translate a few words or a single phrase. However, if you’ve ever run more than a few words into Google Translate, you’ll find that the idea behind what’s being said isn’t the same. If you’re curious about how accurate or not Google Translate is, try translating a few phrases into a different language, then copy and paste that phrase so you can translate it back to English. You’ll find that much of the phrasing is changed to a direct translation and loses meaning. A certified translation will provide you with an accurate translation without the translator feeling like they have to work word for word.

Avoid lapses in communication

As mentioned previously, a significant part of translating includes taking ideas and concepts from one language and putting those into words in another. It’s easy to misrepresent somebody by interpreting words incorrectly as you make the change to another language. Translating is no different. With certified translations, you can feel confident that everything about the translation is accurate and conveys the proper message. Translators will take into account cultural nuances and native fluency as a part of the translation as further steps to avoid lapses in communication.

Sets a standard

If you’re working with a client and offer certified translation for a document, this will set a standard of your attention to detail as well as the level at which you operate. Your clients can be confident that you’ll spare no expense to ensure that everything you do is done right the first time. What’s more, you can demonstrate that even if you’re able to translate, you’d rather ensure that a third party verifies a translation before presenting the document to a client, court, or government agency.

Proves information is correct

A certification of accurate translation is proof to you, your clients, and whatever company or agency you’re presenting a document to that every word of the translation is correct. This can go a long way to avoiding ambiguity in courts or while working with other companies so there’s no question as to how phrasing might be interpreted or translated. This means that there won’t be anything lost in translation and everything is clear and concise.

Authenticates documents

Certification of translation works as an authentication on a document that’s been translated from one language to another. As mentioned previously, this ensures that the information is correct and there’s nothing left open to interpretation in a court of law or otherwise. An authentication quashes any disputes that might arise regarding the translation as it has met necessary procedures and the translator accepts responsibility for its accuracy.

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Don’t settle for a subpar translation when you can get certified translation services in Florida. Our team at The Cakov Group can help you with all your translation needs that will fulfill requirements with legal documents that include death, birth, and marriage certificates as well as contracts and immigration documents. You can give us a call at either of our South Florida offices in Miami at 305-854-8181 or Naples at 239-228-3275. If you prefer, send us a message using our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.