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How Cakov’s ASL in the business world can help your company
May 17, 2022 at 7:00 AM
A person communicating via sign language.

For businesses, inclusivity and communication are focal points, and success often hinges on optimizing these areas. However, one thing many people forget about in the business world is ASL. ASL services in the business world offer innumerable benefits to your business. At The Cakov Group Language Solution, we are the premier translation firm in South Florida. With over 21 years of experience, we can translate over 80 languages and boast a team of professional experts. No matter the project scope, magnitude, or language, we can help.

Here’s how businesses benefit from ASL services:

Building relationships

One benefit of ASL in the business world for organizations is it helps companies build relationships. Including sign language creates an inclusive business environment.

Accommodating deaf customers and including ASL interpretation services in your business provides opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable. Firstly, when you do not accommodate deaf or hard of hearing job candidates, it limits the talent available.

When you are looking to hire new employees but don’t offer ASL interpretation services to accommodate deaf or hard of hearing people, you miss out on team members who could be invaluable assets, make crucial contributions, and provide unique perspectives.

Similarly, when dealing with customers, being able to communicate with deaf or hard of hearing people is essential. Eventually, you will have to interact and communicate with a customer who is hard of hearing, and effective communication is critical to successful negotiations.

If building business relationships and tapping into the full potential of a pool of candidates is important, at The Cakov Group, we are the premier solution to help you do just that.

Company culture

Ultimately, ASL in the business world can significantly benefit your company and its culture. Company culture hinges on inclusivity.

Integrating ASL interpretation services and resources signifies a commitment to inclusivity. Moreover, a strong, positive culture predicated on inclusivity impacts every facet of an organization and results in friendlier service to all customers, suppliers, and employees.

Including ASL services and resources in your business ensures everyone feels respected, connected, and heard, which results in the highest level of possible performance and service. Ultimately, failing to acknowledge and address the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing is failing to create a cohesive company culture and sense of community.

Accommodating these groups impacts every level of service and aspect of your organization. More importantly, studies prove that inclusive workplaces are more productive and desirable to premier talent, and they exhibit higher retention rates.

If optimizing company culture is a concern, at The Cakov Group, our ASL services and resources can help.

Legal compliance

In the business world, ASL services and resources are often legal requirements. Failing to offer ASL services poses a significant legal hazard to you and your organization.

In some industries, like the medical and legal fields, sign language interpreters are commonly known requirements. However, businesses also need these services to satisfy identical legal requirements.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ACT) mandates that government entities, businesses, and non-profit organizations that serve the public must be able to communicate effectively with those who have communication disabilities

Moreover, if you have deaf or hard-of-hearing employees, failing to provide interpreters opens your entire company up to liabilities. Ineffective communication can result in misunderstanding and non-adherence to best practices or worse.

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ASL resources are not a luxury in the business world; they are necessary. To optimize productivity, attract the best candidates, connect better with customers, and guarantee legal compliance, ASL resources are essential. Fortunately, with The Cakov Group, we have over 21 years of industry experience, and we guarantee competitive pricing, on-time delivery, professional and reliable support, and integrity and confidentiality. Schedule a call now to get started!