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3 reasons why your company needs ASL interpretation: insights from provider of American Sign Language interpretation in Miami, FL
March 24, 2021 at 7:00 AM
3 reasons why your company needs ASL interpretation: insights from provider of American Sign Language interpretation in Miami, FL

Good communication is at the heart of any successful company. Without it, you can’t interview candidates, solidify business deals, or spread the word about your products. This is why more and more companies are choosing to use the services of an ASL interpreter.

The Cakov Group is a leading provider of American Sign Language interpretation in Miami, FL. From day one, we’ve been helping companies around the globe engage more meaningfully with the deaf community. In this article, we’re sharing why using the services of an ASL interpreter is a must in today’s world:

Conduct accurate interviews and fact-gathering meetings

Conferences, video chats, and phone calls are at the core of day-to-day operations for most businesses. Tech executives need to obtain essential information from subject matter experts, attorneys need to gather facts from their clients and witnesses, finance professionals need to collect accurate insights and data — the list goes on. And without clear communication, none of this is possible.

It’s important to understand that the professionals you may encounter on a daily basis come from different backgrounds and abilities, including deaf people. Our American Sign Language interpretation services in Miami, FL, will allow you to hold meaningful conversations with a wider range of people, as well as ensure you’re getting the facts your business needs to succeed. Whether communicating with clients or customers, an ASL interpreter can help you connect effectively, despite differences in communication.

Expand your professional network and build a more inclusive culture

When hiring new candidates for your company or reaching out to potential business partners, it’s a two-way street: your prospects want to make sure this partnership is a good fit for them as well. And if your company isn’t prepared to accommodate someone’s communication needs, you may have to say goodbye to that potential opportunity.

Think about all the qualified professionals, business ventures, and networking opportunities that you’re leaving off the table, simply because of a difference in communication. With the help of our American Sign Language interpretation based in Miami, FL, you can greatly expand your professional network. Not only that, but you’ll foster a culture of inclusivity that is attractive to future candidates, clients, and business partners.

Stay compliant with local or federal regulations

Hiring an ASL interpreter to work with your company offers a host of benefits, but you also might be legally required to hire one. For instance, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that businesses that serve the public, nonprofit organizations, states, and local governments must “communicate effectively with people who have communication disabilities.”

It’s essential that your business or organization is prepared to accommodate people with different communication needs. Reaching out to an ASL interpretation company, such as The Cakov Group, can help you stay compliant with regulations and allow you to communicate effectively with clients, employees, and more.

Choose The Cakov Group for American Sign Language interpretation in Miami, FL

The Cakov Group offers a wide range of linguistic support and seamless translation services for corporations, government entities, and organizations. While we are based in Miami, FL, we are proud to provide clients around the globe with American Sign Language interpretation services remotely.

Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your organization.